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Moms Need Even More Support to Breastfeed In the Era of COVID-19

By To-wen Tseng | October 18, 2021
dimly lit portrait of a newborn being held by two people

Last month, TIME magazine published an article that portrayed breastfeeding in an unflattering way. Featuring a new mother struggling to produce breast milk, the article described breastfeeding as an activity that sacrifices a mother’s well-being and blamed COVID-19 for making new moms who seek immune protection to their babies feel even more pressure to breastfeed. As a…

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Three Ways to Support Paid Leave for All

By San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition | October 11, 2021

Paid leave is potentially under threat today! There is pressure to eliminate paid family and medical leave from the Build Back Better Act.  We believe that anyone demanding that we choose between paid leave and other priorities is presenting us with false choices.  The United States is the only industrialized country in the world that…

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CA Releases First Maternal Mortality Surveillance Report

By San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition | September 21, 2021

Maternal mortality is a key indicator of population health. Deaths in pregnancy and postpartum should be rare events, so routine and accurate surveillance of pregnancy-related deaths is an essential public health responsibility. CA-PMSS is a statewide surveillance of deaths among Californians who were pregnant within the prior year. The Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH)…

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BreastfeedLA and ACLU SoCal share a helpful lactation rights guide

By San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition | September 14, 2021

We love this quick and easy guide shared by our friends at Breastfeed LA and So Cal ACLU. The guide is part of a comprehensive advocacy toolkit, scheduled to be released by October, said Arissa Palmer, executive director of BreastfeedLA.  In the meantime, this guide is a great resource for Californians who want to better…

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Lactation Practice Within Immigrant Communities

By To-wen Tseng | September 14, 2021

I once knew a woman who breastfeed on a refugee boat for 48 hours and saved her two young children’s lives—yes, saved their lives, not kept them alive. It was during the 1949’s Chinese Civil War, and that was a small boat packed with displaced people. Her fellow refugees were afraid that the kids’ crying…

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To-wen Tseng

To-wen is a Chinese American journalist, author, and breastfeeding activist. For years To-wen has advocated for family-friendly policy and gender equity at the workplace, blogging about breastfeeding as a human right, and speaking out about breastfeeding barriers in Asian-American communities and beyond. She co-founded the Asian American Breastfeeding Taskforce in 2017.

To-wen received the 2018 HealthConnect One Foundation's Birth Equity Leader Academy Community Project Award, and in 2019, she was recognized by US Breastfeeding Committee as the Emerging Leader of the year. This year, an Asian breastfeeding photovoice project she led won 2020 California Breastfeeding Coalition's Golden Nugget Award for "excellence in reducing a key barrier to breastfeeding the social norm."