Breastfeeding Support Groups

Our vision is that every breastfeeding family will have access to the information, resources and community support necessary to breastfeed for as long as mother and child wish. We believe mother-to-mother support, peer counselors, doulas, childbirth educators and other support persons play a vital role in promoting and supporting breastfeeding in the community.

Support groups below are categorized by day of the week then the time of day. To view location and other details, click the name.

**During the COVID-19 health care crisis, most Breastfeeding Support Groups are not being offered right now, please call in advance to make sure**

Virtual support groups are available, please check out the Resource Guide page for more information** 

Do you have a free breastfeeding support group?

If you'd like to share a local breastfeeding support group, we'd love to include it on our list for families! Please contact SDCBC for any new groups or updates to the listing above. Thank you for supporting breastfeeding mothers!