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Although listed by address, the sources listed below provide services throughout San Diego County. The credentials listed after their names are listed as the individual requested and have not been verified by the San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition. The San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition does not certify or guarantee any services provided.

Some breastfeeding services accept insurance and MediCal. Ask when you call.

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Best Baby Ever at Whole Life Home Care (858) 369-5930  2235 Encinitas Blvd, #206, Encinitas, CA 92024 Valentina Caputo IBCLC, Heidi Burke-Pevney IBCLC, Kimberly Loeser-Murphy RN, IBCLC In-Home and Office visits available. Experience specializing in low milk supply, latch difficulties & pain, tongue/lip tie issues, breast refusal, multiples and preemies. Supportive Holistic Postpartum Care with doulas and lactation. ** Offering Virtual Q and A with new breastfeeding moms **


Best Milk LLC Jen Peters, MSN, RN, IBCLC & Michelle Snyder, MS, RD, IBCLC

(619) 393-9307 / /

Best Milk LLC offers a unique spin on lactation consulting by providing personalized in-home and virtual infant feeding and 4th-trimester support. Jen will be by your side offering evidence-based advice, manageable and concise feeding plans, and unwavering support in finding the BEST milk for you and your baby.

**Offering virtual consults and breastfeeding classes**


Breastfeeding Consultants of San Diego, LLC Heather Shabestari BS, IBCLC, RLC

(619) 677-2730 / /

Provides in-home and in-office lactation consultations; free breastfeeding support groups; breastfeeding classes, knowledgeable in milk supply issues, tongue-tie, poor suck, fussy baby, baby not gaining weight, reflux, milk blister, clogged ducts, etc. We accept Aetna insurance.

**Virtual and phone lactation consultations**


Breastfeeding with Grace Grace Magill, BS, IBCLC, RLC, LLL

(858) 271-0913 / /

In the breastfeeding field since 1976. IBCLC since 2002. Breastfeeding consultations in your home or my home office. Prenatal breastfeeding classes. Free support group Weds 10-11AM at Angelika Theater Carmel Mtn.  All breastfeeding aides. Specializations: Tongue/lip-tie, supply issues, latch, suck problems, pumping, supplementing, back to work.

**Offering Phone and FaceTime consultations**


Children’s Primary Care Group Laura Wheeler MSN CPNP IBCLC & Nicole Kastner MSN CPNP IBCLC

Prenatal and post-birth lactation consultation as well as well-baby care with a certified pediatric nurse practitioner. We will bill your insurance.

La Jolla (Dr. Wheeler): (858) 459-4351

4150 Regents Park Row #355 La Jolla CA 92037

**Offering In-Person & Video Visits, $49 for 20 minutes on lactation support/education**


Expecting Wellness Kara Sunderland, BSN, RN, PHN, IBCLC, MLD Therapist

(858) 247-1417 /

UCSD Managed Care Provider, Aetna Provider, and Fee-for-Service Provider. I offer comprehensive infant feeding support services and lymphatic treatments to reduce pain and swelling.

**Offering Virtual consults for those eligible through insurance plan**


Milky Way Lactation Sara Whitehouse, IBCLC

(229) 292-9119 / /

Lactation support in the comfort of your own home! As an IBCLC and Registered Nurse, I have experience working with families in the NICU and newborn setting as well as older babies. Breastfeeding is a journey and I am here to help with any needs or concerns that may arise! Offering online/telehealth services. TRICARE provider.

**Offering online/telehealth services.** 


Littles Lactation Nutritionist Erin Jackson RD, IBCLC

(619) 243-9627 /

**Providing online breastfeeding and nutrition courses and consultations**


Nightingale Baby Jennifer Gathman, RN, BSN, IBCLC

(858) 215-4944 (call or text) / /

Over ten years of experience working with women and newborns, offering in-home or in-office lactation consults labor consults, prenatal, postpartum, and breastfeeding education, support groups, and perinatal mental health support.  Ongoing support is personalized and evidence-based.

**Currently offering discounted or free lactation support to families who are affected by COVID-19**


San Diego Breastfeeding Center Robin Kaplan

(619) 724-4117 /

In-home and in-office private lactation consults; free weekly support groups; prenatal/postpartum breastfeeding classes. Specializes in tongue/lip ties, latch difficulties, milk supply challenges and more. Aetna PPO Preferred Provider, authorized Tricare Provider, authorized UCSD Managed Care provider, reduced fee for MediCal.

**Offering Telehealth appointments and free virtual breastfeeding support groups**


Serenity Breastfeeding Christine Hennes, IBCLC

(619) 990-6479 / /

Nurture-Empower-Teach Lactation consults in the comfort of your home. More than 20 years of experience working with over 15,000 families. Specializing in correct latch, also knowledgeable in lip/tongue tie issues, and milk supply concerns, and clogged ducts. Go to my website to view appointment availability and also to self-schedule a consultation.

**Offering Virtual consultations and 2 FREE breastfeeding support groups each week: Tuesday 2:30 & Friday 9:30**


San Diego Breastfeeding Center Free virtual breastfeeding support groups:

    • During the COVID-19 health care crisis, Scripps Breastfeeding Support Groups and lactation consultations have been canceled. Online Breastfeeding Support:
      • Scripps Well Being Chula Vista
        • Mondays, 1-2 p.m.
        • Call in: 619-488-8282
          • Conference ID: 5267805
        • Bilingual: English/Spanish


Sharp Grossmont Hospital: Warmline (619) 740-4983 - Breastfeeding support provided from 8:00 am-4:30 pm over the phone (may need to leave a message for a return phone call); Pump rentals; **Virtual Breastfeeding support group on Mondays 1-2:30 pm and Thursdays 9 -10:30 am. May register on or 1-800-82Sharp for login information**  All services provided by a Board Certified Lactation RN’s. **In-person support groups currently canceled**


Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns: New Beginnings Boutique (858) 939-4127 Offer breastfeeding support 7 days/week. Variety of supplies including breast pump and baby weigh scale rentals, nursing bras and clothes and much more. Hours: M-F: 9am -6pm, Sat & Sun 9am-5pm. Breastfeeding groups Mon: 3:30–5pm; Wed & Fri: 2 – 3:30pm & NICU Mother’s Milk Club Wed: 12:30 – 1:30 pm. Call for information on outpatient services. 3003 Health Center Drive, San Diego, CA 92123 **Continues to offer weight scale and pump rentals, supplies, in-person lactation assistance with social distancing, and over the phone assistance Mon-Fri from 10-4, Sat and Sun 10-3 858-939-4127 **Support Groups are currently canceled**


Team Tongue Tie Alisa Sacker Pediatrician/IBCLC, Rosanne Berger, Dentist/IBCLC & Jarrah Foster IBCLC

(858) 480-9454 / /

12625 High Bluff Drive, Ste #313, San Diego, CA 92130

Team Tongue Tie provides state-of-the-art CO2 laser frenectomies for babies, kids, and adults; lactation support and extensive aftercare follow up care included. Let us help make breastfeeding more comfortable and effective for our Moms and babies.

**Currently open to healthy patients**


Virtual Breastfeeeding Inc. Philline Benson

(720) 441-2889 / /

Receive expert lactation support from an experienced IBCLC, RN with a Master's degree in Nursing Education for breastfeeding challenges such as nipple pain, low milk supply, latching difficulty, and other breastfeeding issues. Get the latest information on breastfeeding for new mothers with a focus on pregnancy, birth to 6 weeks postpartum, or older. Book an appointment now and meet your friendly and open-minded Lactation Consultant.

**Virtual breastfeeding support during pregnancy and postpartum to families in California via secure telehealth**


WIC (Women, Infants, & Children) PROGRAMS
WIC offices offer classes, support groups, counseling and other services. Ask your local WIC office for details.

**All local WIC agencies are providing services by phone to current and new participants**

**Breast pumps can be issued to eligible participants by arrangement to ensure physical distancing**



American Red Cross WIC*
Grossmont Hospital Women’s Center
Kaiser Permanente Lactation Clinic
La Leche League of San Diego County
La Leche League Spanish Line*
Naval Medical Center San Diego
North County Health Services WIC*
Palomar Health
San Ysidro Health WIC*
Scripps Memorial Hospital – Encinitas
Scripps Memorial Hospital – La Jolla
Scripps Mercy Hospital WIC*
SDSU Foundation WIC*
Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women
Tri-City Medical Center

UCSD Medical Center *

*(800) 500-6411
(619) 740-4983
(866) 940-2218
(858) 848-6455
*(858) 792-5009
(619) 532-5261
*(888) 477-6333
(760) 796-6802
*(888) 942-7942
(760) 633-7850
(858) 626-4538
*(619) 260-3400
*(888) 999-6897
(858) 939-4127
(760) 940-7745

(858) 249-5727
*(619) 543-7149

For free local breastfeeding support groups, visit our guide HERE.

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Updated: September 1, 2020