A Wonderful Opportunity

As parents, we all want to provide the best for our children. And there is rarely a better opportunity for us to nourish our kids than breastfeeding—especially for new parents, breastfeeding is a wonderful opportunity to nourish our babies, both physically and emotionally. Of course, breastfeeding also presents challenges. And that’s what I want to…

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This is My Why: A Reflection on #NBM2023

Photo of Chinese woman sitting on a bed with a small child laying on her left while breastfeeding an infant cradled in her left arm

I was a breastfeeding mom for six years. During the six years, I have been separated from my baby for three months for work reasons, I have flown to four different cities with my pump within six months, I have been sent to the emergency room with mastitis and high fever, my milk supply has…

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Study finds no evidence for the effect of consuming “lactation cookies”

A recent study found no evidence for the effect of consuming “lactation cookies” on milk production, perceived insufficient milk, or breastfeeding self-efficacy in exclusively breastfeeding parents with an overall adequate perceived milk supply. Recommendations to consume LCs for increasing objective or subjective milk supply may deliver false hope and unnecessary financial costs at a vulnerable…

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