New California Hospital Report on Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care

The CDC recently released results of a national survey of Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care. The survey measured care practices and policies that impact newborn feeding, feeding education, staff skills, and discharge support. We highlighted some key findings from the California Hospitals report. There is some good news with lots of room for…

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Moms Need Even More Support to Breastfeed In the Era of COVID-19

dimly lit portrait of a newborn being held by two people

Last month, TIME magazine published an article that portrayed breastfeeding in an unflattering way. Featuring a new mother struggling to produce breast milk, the article described breastfeeding as an activity that sacrifices a mother’s well-being and blamed COVID-19 for making new moms who seek immune protection to their babies feel even more pressure to breastfeed. As a…

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Three Ways to Support Paid Leave for All

Paid leave is potentially under threat today! There is pressure to eliminate paid family and medical leave from the Build Back Better Act.  We believe that anyone demanding that we choose between paid leave and other priorities is presenting us with false choices.  The United States is the only industrialized country in the world that…

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