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By inspire-websites | November 7, 2018

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To-wen Tseng

To-wen is a Chinese American journalist, author, and breastfeeding activist. For years To-wen has advocated for family-friendly policy and gender equity at the workplace, blogging about breastfeeding as a human right, and speaking out about breastfeeding barriers in Asian-American communities and beyond. She co-founded the Asian American Breastfeeding Taskforce in 2017.

To-wen received the 2018 HealthConnect One Foundation's Birth Equity Leader Academy Community Project Award, and in 2019, she was recognized by US Breastfeeding Committee as the Emerging Leader of the year. This year, an Asian breastfeeding photovoice project she led won 2020 California Breastfeeding Coalition's Golden Nugget Award for "excellence in reducing a key barrier to breastfeeding the social norm."