Congratulations to our Spring 2022 Lactation Scholarship Awardees

In partnership with UCSD Extension’s Global Lactation Alliance Program, SDCBC offers scholarships for community leaders who are pursuing LEC or IBCLC education in order to increase lactation support in underserved communities. Each year the Coalition will announce several scholarship opportunities and select individuals vividly exhibiting a passion to serve San Diego families. Meet Reese Shasha I…

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Lactation Apps

Some of these are free and have been recommended or suggested by lactation professionals.  *Baby Connect *($4.99) Tracks everything related to baby: diapers, feeding,growth, meds, sleep, and vaccines; caregivers can log in too; everybody canbe synched together    *Baby Feeding Log* <> (free)– allows new parents to record all the basics for nursing, diapers, and sleeping   …

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What is Exploitative Marketing of Formula Milk?

One month before giving birth, I received a “gift box” from the formula milk company Enfamil. Inside the box were formula and nipple samples, and a card with my name and parenting support information (which actually leads to an industry-sponsored helpline) on it. I was shocked that the formula company knew that I was going…

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How the marketing of formula milk influences our decisions on infant feeding

More than half of parents and pregnant women (51%) surveyed for a new WHO/UNICEF report say they have been targeted with marketing from formula milk companies, much of which is in breach of international standards on infant feeding practices.   The report, How marketing of formula milk influences our decisions on infant feeding, draws on interviews…

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Multilingual Breastfeeding Resources

The Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute, in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Public Health, launched the Ready, Set, Baby website and curriculum in Arabic. The website contains all the content from the English version of the Ready, Set, Baby curriculum and allows expectant parents to choose a self-paced experience to prepare for their breastfeeding journey.…

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No, Green Breast Milk is NOT an Indication that You Have COVID-19

There has been a viral picture going around the Internet of a mother saying that her breast milk turned green when she and her baby tested positive for COVID. So is green breast milk really an indication of COVID? First, a mother’s breast milk has nutrients that are specifically made for her infant. That is especially true…

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Dads, Not Just Moms, Need To Start Shouting For Paid Family Leave

father kissing his son while overlooking an infant in the stroller

In a 2019 piece for Family Values at Work, my husband shared his thoughts about the need for paid family leave for men. Since then, we’ve seen some changes—the Biden administration’s social spending bill, which includes a provision for four weeks of paid family and medical leave—not exactly robust but better than nothing—passed the house narrowly last November.…

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A Look Back at SDCBC’s Activism in 2021

Woman breastfeeding her infant with a christmas tree and holiday decor in the foreground

What a year! In the face of a pandemic, San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition continues to protect, promote and support breastfeeding through education, outreach, advocacy, and service in our community. Here is a look back at what the coalition has done in 2021. Continue to put together our signature Breastfeeding Resource Guide for families in both English and…

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Funding the Next Generation of SD County Lactation Leaders

three healthcare professionals with face masks making heart symbol with hands

San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition (SDCBC) raises over $5,500 in matching donations for lactation education scholarship fund. GivingTuesday There’s #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday…and then there’s #GivingTuesday, an international day of giving! Giving Tuesday is about all of us coming together and giving back to do extraordinary things, and this year our community joined together to advance…

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Moms Need Even More Support to Breastfeed In the Era of COVID-19

dimly lit portrait of a newborn being held by two people

Last month, TIME magazine published an article that portrayed breastfeeding in an unflattering way. Featuring a new mother struggling to produce breast milk, the article described breastfeeding as an activity that sacrifices a mother’s well-being and blamed COVID-19 for making new moms who seek immune protection to their babies feel even more pressure to breastfeed. As a…

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